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Hotel & Restaurant

Recommended Hotel 
with special price only for ACM-ICPC Asia Nha Trang Regional Contest!

Euro Star Nha Trang Hotel
96 A6 Tran Phu Str, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa

Room No. of persons  Remark Price
VND USD (estimate)
Superior  1 - 2 Breakfast included                750,000                                     34
Delux city 1 -2 Breakfast included                850,000                                     39
Delux seaview 1 - 2 Breakfast included                950,000                                  43.2
No extra beds allowed
50.000 VND discount in case of 1 person/room

Regalia Hotel
Add: 98B Tran Phu St, Loc Tho Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa
Phone: +84 58 6263 333. Fax: 058.3525.452

Room No. of persons  Remark Price
VND USD (estimate)
superior 1-2 Breakfast included            1,200,000                                  53.8
Delux 1-2 Breakfast included            1,300,000                                  58.3
Delux balcony 1-2 Breakfast included            1,500,000                                  67.3
Seaview balcony 1-2 Breakfast included            1,800,000                                  80.7

Booking email to: mr. Thanh thanhlh@ntu.edu.vn or ms. Huong xuanhuong@vaip.vn
we will arrange shuttle at this recommended hotel
Distance to Nha Trang University: 4.8 km
Distance from City Center: 2.4 km
Distance to Airport: 35.2 km

Map of Nha Trang University and Nha Trang City



Airport – city center

Cam Ranh International Airport (CXR) is 30 km from the city. Taxi fare from the airport to downtown locations is around 350,000 dong (some private taxis could offer a cheaper price, but 350,000 is standard). Travel from the city to the airport is always cheaper, starting from 280.000 dong. Do not offer to go by the meter as it is more expensive than the fixed rate.

A cheaper option is to take the airport shuttle (16 seat cars) at 55,000 dong to the old Nha Trang Airport which is walking distance to many downtown locations (or 30,000 dong or less by taxi). Tickets for this shuttle service are sold at a desk near the exit of the airport.

There is also another bus service (30 seat bus) at 50,000 dong. This one will drop passengers at different locations in town.

Most taxis are reliable. However, you might want to go with Mai Linh (green), Vinasun (white), Asia (yellow), or Quoc Te (silver or white). 


Transportation options in Nha Trang are very convenient including buses, taxis, motorcycle taxis etc. The road traffic is not too busy (except holidays), transportation is easy to find and inexpensive. 


Taxis in Nha Trang are cheap by international standards and pleasantly air-conditioned.  Most drivers use the legally required meter, but some might negotiate a fixed price for long journeys or frequent trips. Fares start at around 12,000 VND for opening and increasing at a rate of 10,000 VND per kilometer. Nha Trang University is about 7 kilometers north of the city center.

City Buses 

Several different types of buses in Nha Trang include white-blue buses (6,000 VND each ride); city buses are cheap and suitable for city tours. Bus operates regularly from 5am to 7pm. Bus stops closest to Nha Trang University are on 2 thang 4 street (2 thang 4 and Nguyen Dinh Chieu Intersection) and Pham Van Dong Street (near the overpass).

Motorcycle Taxis 

Motorcycle taxis are “more economical” for students and available any time.  They are generally used for short distances in areas without heavy traffic. Be sure to agree on a negotiable fare with the driver before setting off. Students can rent a motorcycle taxi for picnic which usually cost 100,000 VND per day. To rent a motorcycle taxi, renter has to deposit their