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Hosted by Posts and Telocommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT)

Venue: Posts and Telocommunications Institute of Technology Campus (Hanoi, Vietnam) 

                  Km10, Nguyen Trai, Ha Dong District, Hanoi


The schedule at each site may vary slightly change, with the exception of the time of the actual competition, which will take place from 08:00 to 14:00 on Friday, November 30, 2018.

Thursday:  November 29: Registration, Opening and Practice Session – PTIT

8h30 – 12h00

Registration at hotel, hand out certificates, t-shirts etc., Team photo at hotel

(Recomment hotel: La Casa Hanoi Hotel, Eden Ha Noi Hotel)  


Pick up from Hotel to PTIT Main Campus

13h30   – 16h00

Opening Ceremony at Conference Hall

PTIT Conference Hall

Teams wear ICPC T-Shirts as outer layer, bring  References materials

16h00   – 15h30

 Photo session

15h45 – 16h15

Coach Meeting (introduction, rules, orientation)

16h00 – 18h00

ICPC 2018  Asia Hanoi:  Practice session 

Teams leave reference materials (team notebook) at workstations

Friday morning, November 30:  Contest, Excursion and Awards Ceremony

The 2018 ICPC Asia Hanoi

PTIT Campus


Pick up from Hotel to PTIT Campus

7h30 - 7h45

Contestants prepare to entrance to contest room

Teams wear ICPC T-Shirts as outer layer, References materials at team workstations

8h00   - 1300

Contesst time

ICPC Live Theater - Have fun and watch the competition

8h30 – 12h00

Lunch & beverage for contestants on site

11h45 – 12h30

Lunch & beverage for coaches only in the competition area

Friday afternoon, November 30: Ha Noi tour

13h30 – 18h00

Leisure time

Hanoi - Hadong City tour 

Friday night: November 30 -  The 2018 ICPC Asia Hanoi Awards Ceremony

18h40 - 19h15

Award Ceremony 

Overview , results announced and awards presented

Teams wear ICPC T-Shirts

19h30   - 20h45

Dinner and Celebration


Note: Detailed schedule can be changed at  the last minute


During the contest the scoreboard page will have real-time standings of the teams. During practice or test sessions, the scoreboard will show the status of those tests only.


  • Vietnam National  contest
    • Date: November ..., 2018 
    • From 8h00 AM to 13h00 PM

             More Information see http://www.olp.vn/

  • Regional contest
    • Date: November 29 (Tue) -  30 (Fri)
    • Location: Post and Telecommunication Institute of Technology