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Nha Trang University

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Nha Trang University, 02 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Str., Nha Trang City, Khánh Hòa Province

Webite: www.ntu.edu.vn, Tel: +84 58 2471303, email: dea@ntu.edu.vn

Nha Trang University evolved from the Department of Fisheries, which was established in 1959 at the Hanoi Academy of Agriculture and Forestry. Over more than half a century of development, the University has become one of the country’s major multidisciplinary, large-scale multi-level universities, and a leading center for fishery research and advanced technology deployment, playing an important role in the course of socioeconomic development in the South Central regions, the Central Highlands and the whole country.

Nha Trang University is one of the first 20 higher education institutions of Vietnam accredited by the National Accreditation Council. Currently Nha Trang University is offering five doctoral degree programs, 12 master's degree programs (including one international Master’s program on Marine Ecosystem-based Management and Climate Change), 30 undergraduate degree programs, and 15 associate degree programs. We also offer various short courses for professional developments or exchange programs for both domestic and international students.

The University now has a staff body of about 700 members with over 100 doctors and 300 masters, of which over 40% obtained their degrees in developed countries. We enroll 3.700 new students across all levels yearly. Our student body consists of more than 1.000 graduates and 15.000 undergraduates.

In terms of research, Nha Trang University has also made considerable achievements, especially in regard to fisheries. The University has implemented many small and large research projects on aquaculture techniques, aquatic animal diseases, food technology, fisheries economics and management of fishery resources, fishing, shipbuilding and so on.  Hundreds of articles are published in domestic and international journals annually. The University’s research applications and technology transfer have brought about meaningful contribution to the socioeconomic development of the local province and the country as well.

Nha Trang University constantly expands the scale of training, upgrades infrastructure, improves training programs and updates teaching and learning methods. We maintain close relationships with businesses, production factories, and manufacturers in Khanh Hoa and coastal provinces particularly and also nationwide for feedbacks about training quality, labor demands, needs for new knowledge and skills, needs of technology transfer and so on.

In compliance with the process of development and integration of the country, Nha Trang University continuously seeks new cooperation as well as reinforces existing collaborations with international partners. The collaborative relationships focus on improving the capacity of the University through joint training, scientific research, exchange of scientific information, professional development, and building infrastructure and facilities. Nha Trang University is now the partner of over 40 international organizations, universities and institutes in many countries such as Norway, Denmark, France, Iceland, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Czech Republic, China, Japan, India, Canada, USA, Australia and other countries in the ASEAN.


Email: khoacntt@ntu.edu.vn

Phone (office): +84 (58) 2471367


1.      Software Engineering

2.      Information System

3.      Network & Communication

4.      Mathematics

NTU established the Faculty of Information Technology in 2003 to train human resources in IT for the South Central and Highlands regions. The Faculty now has 42 members, six of which have doctorates and, 33 have masters. The majority of these staff were trained in advanced universities in France, Australia, South Korea, Belgium and, Japan. The Faculty controls a specialized laboratory, one virtual stock classroom, an online conference room, and IT rooms for basic and applied computing subjects with over 300 networked computers. The Faculty has trained approximately 2,000 bachelors in IT. The number of graduates working in the field of IT in Khanh Hoa province’s organizations and enterprises has gradually increased.

The Faculty annually holds the “Informatics Olympiad” for NTU students, to promote learning and conducting research and to find  and foster IT talents to participate in Informatics exams at provincial and national levels. The NTU Informatics Team regularly competes in the “Informatics Olympiad” for Vietnamese students and has achieved four 2nd prizes, ten 3rd prizes, and 12 encouragement prize and obtained a Bronze Cup in 2011 and a Silver Cup in 2012) in the “International Student Programming Contest ACM/ICPC”.

The Faculty frequently cooperates with international and domestic universities (Hanoi University of Science and Technology, University of Science, HCM City University of Science and Technology, Yeungnam University and Kyung Hee University - South Korea, University of Moncton - Canada) in graduate training, exchange of faculties and students, seminar and conference organization, and scientific research, etc. The Faculty also strengthens cooperation with local agencies to transfer and introduce technologies, or offer vocational guidance to improve the quality of training.