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Ho Chi Minh City university of Technology and Education (HCMUTE) is located in the heart of the industrial area and has been the learning, education and research center in Ho Chi Minh City for more than half a century. From a College Board of Technical Education with only 05 engineering disciplines, HCMUTE has remarkably transformed itself to a multi-disciplinary university. Currently, the university has 15 Faculties/Institute offering 44 undergraduate-level, 16 master-level and 3 PhD-level programs in engineering and technology, technical pedagogy, business, graphic art, foreign languages and so on. These numbers are expected to keep increasing significantly in the coming time. Although our missions have been broadened considerably beyond which was originally envisioned, HCMUTE always strives to provide the high quality human workforce for the region and the whole country.

With two beautiful campuses, well-equipped laboratories and adequate facilities, and over 800 dedicated administrative and teaching staff, HCMUTE is committed to providing the best conditions for around 26,000 students to develop their knowledge and skills. HCMUTE students enjoy active learning, teaching and research environment with emphases on students’ English competency and soft skills which are essential for graduates to work in a global industry. Beside the active classrooms, students are provided with numerous extra curricula activities to enhance their soft skills and enrich their student lives. Such favorite conditions have made HCMUTE become the famous brand name in the labor market with high quality and best employment of graduates.

The past 10 years have witnessed the strong development of research capacity of the University. HCMUTE has been known not only for its distinct graduates who are good at both knowledge and skills but also for its success in applied research.

Brief History

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology And Education (HCMUTE) is the first university in Vietnam educating and training technical teachers for the whole country. Chronologically, HCMUTE has been renamed several times due to integration with other schools or its own promotion. The university evolved from the Board of Technical Education, first founded on October 05th 1962 with 05 engineering disciplines, then renamed Nguyen Truong To Center for Technical Education in Thu Duc in September 1972, and later upgraded to Thu Duc College of Education in 1974. On October 27th 1976, the SRV Prime Minister issued a decision to establish Thu Duc University of Technical Education on the basis of Thu Duc College of Education. This was amalgamated with Thu Duc Industrial Vocational School in 1984 and further merged with Technical Teacher Training School No.5 in 1991 to become the present Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology And Education. In 1995, the university incorporated with National University Ho Chi Minh City as an informal member. In 2000, HCMUTE became a member under supervision of Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam (MoET).


· October 5th 1962: Founded as Board of Technical Education founded with five disciplines

· 1984: Thu Duc Industrial Vocational School amalgamated with Thu Duc University of Technical Education

· 1991: Technical Teacher Training School No. 5 amalgamated with Thu Duc University of Technical Education

· 1992: First Master programs started

· 1995: Became non-official member of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City

· 2000: Separated from Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City

· November 2011: The Center Building inaugurated in the main campus

· March 2012: 03 PhD programs started

· October 2014: Renamed as Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology And Education

· By 2019: 14 training programs qualified with AUN-QA Standards

· 2022: The 60th Anniversary of HCMUTE.

Governmental Awards

During its more than 50 years of development, HCMUTE has been granted many governmental awards for excellent performance, such as an Independence Decoration - Second Class (2012), Independence Decoration - Third Class (2007), a Labor Decoration - First Class (2001), a Labor Decoration - Second Class (1996), a Labor Decoration - Third Class (1985) by the SRV President, an Emulation Flag of the Government (2008), an Emulation Flag of the MoET (2009), Emulation Flag of Ho Chi Minh City People Committee (2012), many other Certificates of Merit and so on.


HCMUTE is a fully autonomous entity. The university aims at becoming a learning hub for training, research, innovation and entrepreneurship in Vietnam, which can be on par with other regional and international prestigious universities.


HCMUTE provides services of practical training, applied research and community outreach. It is committed to continuous innovation and creativity, offering high quality human resources and scientific products to the fields of vocational education, science and technology to meet the demands of the socio-economic development of the country.


Humanity – Innovation - Integration


The core values of a comprehensive and modern education system which HCMUTE has been appreciating, preserving and implementing creatively include:

- Upholding and implementing Vietnamese people’s humane traditional values

- Cultivating talent and creativity, with a focus on training professional skills and responsibility

- Respecting the learners and community’s benefits. Building an ever-lasting society

- High regard for quality, effectiveness and innovation in activities

- Integration, cooperation and sharing


The university continuously improves its quality of teaching, learning, research and community services to provide students optimal opportunities for all-round competence development, meeting the national demands of the socio-economic development and international integration.



No.1 - Vo Van Ngan Street - Linh Chieu Ward - Thu Duc City - Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

Telephone: (+84.8) 38968641 (Administration)

(+84-8) 38961333 (Academic Affairs)

Fax: (+84.8) 38964922

Website: www.hcmute.edu.vn

E-mail: oia@hcmute.edu.vn

Faculty of Information Technology

HCMC Univeristy of Technology and Education

Website: https://fit.hcmute.edu.vn/

Email: kcntt@hcmute.edu.vn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fit.hcmute.edu.vn

The faculty of Information Technology was established in 2001 based on the center of Informatics (established in 1990). The faculty is responsible for training engineers and teachers, and research activities in Information Technology. The faculty currently has 4 departments, namely Software Engineering, Information Systems, Networking and Network Security, and Artificial Intelligence. The faculty has 3 undergraduate training programmes including Information Technology, Information Security and Data Engineering, and 1 Master program of Computer Science. The faculty has 1 server room, 6 computer rooms and 6 computer labs for Software Engineering, Information Systems, Cyber security, MacOS, and Data Engineering with 460 computers and 12 servers in total.

The faculty has received a certificate of merit from the Minister of the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training for outstanding achievements in education and training duties from 2000 to 2004, a certificate of merit from Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations and from the rector of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education for high achievements in the competition of Vietnam Olympiad in Informatics and The International Collegiate Programming Contest.

The faculty holds yearly competitions for students such as Olympiad in Informatics, Hackathon, and Mastering IT. Students of the faculty also join many competitions held by the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education such as: Robocon, MCR, Maze Solving Robot Competition. Besides, many movement and social activities for students are also held every year: Green Summer, Camping, Cultural activities, Sports…