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The University of Sciences, Hue University (hereinafter HUSC), formerly known as the University of Hue, was founded in accordance with the Decree No. 426/TTg dated 27 October 1976 by the Prime Minister, on the basis of merging the College of Sciences and College of Letters belonging to the Institute of Hue University (the Institute of Hue University was founded in 1957). In 1994, the University of Hue became an affiliated member of Hue University and changed its name to Hue University of Sciences (HUSC) pursuant to the Decree No. 30/CP by the Government on the establishment of Hue University.


The mission of the University of Sciences, Hue University is to provide high-quality human resources, basic and applied research, and technology transfer in the fields of natural and social sciences, humanities, engineering and technology to meet the requirements of the country’s development.


By the year of 2040, the University of Sciences, Hue University will become a leading multidisciplinary research university in Vietnam and South East Asia.


“Creativity – Humanity – Adaptation”

Creativity: Creativity triggers knowledge and create new values, which are of the basic foundation of the University of Sciences, Hue University.

Humanity: A learner-centered approach is applied in most of the activities, creating an educational cultural basis for people’s overall advancement.

Adaptation: The training process is to keep up with new circumstances, requirements, levels and standards of Vietnamese society today towards the need for a strong international integration.


 “Creating knowledge – Connecting to practice – Shaping the future”

The University of Sciences, Hue University is a trustworthy address in indoctrinating and apprehending scientific knowledge and human values. The principle of the University’s educational progress is to apprehend predecessors’ intellectual insight to create new values and intellects. Intellectual creation is the motivating force of social development and advancement. The process of practice-oriented concept is considered as the training approach, assisting learners in rapidly adapting to the demands of job positions in society. The university experience is a period of comprehensive maturity in terms of personality and intellect in preparing for a “high and far flight” future where giving wings to learners’ dreams.




The Information Technology Faculty (IT) under the University of Sciences, Hue University as one of six important IT faculties nationwide was founded in accordance with the decision dated December 13, 1994 by the Ministry of Education and Training. However, the IT Faculty began its formal operations on June 1, 1995, with the transfer of six staff members from Applied Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Mathematics - Mechanics - Informatics.

The Faculty now (2023) has 26 staff members, in which 23 lecturers are 5 associate professors, 9 PhD holders, 9 M.A holders, 2 teaching assistants, and 1 clerk thanks to ongoing improvements in the staff, training scale, and scientific research. There are three Departments including Computer Networks, Software Technology, and Computer Science. The university has equipped 7 computer rooms with 277 Dell PCs (core i5, i7) to serve the IT faculty’s research and training activities.

The overall objective is to provide IT bachelor's degree students with strong and in-depth knowledge, solid methodology, and the capacity to apply the newest IT advancements to the knowledge economy. Over 30 years of establishment and development, the faculty has produced hundreds of thousands of bachelor holders, thousands of master holders, and more than 20 eminent doctors who are currently working across the nation.

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