The 2022 ICPC Asia Hanoi Regional Contest

takes place on 24-25 March, 2022

Registration starts on March

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Welcome to the 2021 ICPC Asia Hanoi Regional Contest

The couple days of the 2021 ICPC Asia Hanoi Regional Contest will be held on March 24-25, 2022 at the FPT University.

Detail daily schedule is as follows:

Venue: the FPT University

Address: Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park – Km29 Thang Long Boulevard, Thach That, Hanoi

Phone: (024) 73001866/ (024) 73005588

March 24 (Thursday)

8h30-12h00 Registration begins, Please come to the front desk (Information Desk) at the 1st floor (ground floor) of Reception desk in Hotel

while you check in, collect your registration package containing your badge, T-shirt, certificate

Photo Section (teams take photo) at your Hotels.

All the teams meet at the lobby

will arrange shuttle at this recommended hotel

12h40 All the teams departure from Hotel (distance of about 10 km to the FPT University (Teams MUST wear ICPC T-shirt and the badge).

14h30 Contest breifing Event, Alpha Hall

15h00 All the teams departure from Alpha hall to the ICPC Contest Area (Gamma Tower)

15h30-17h30 Practice session begins the contestants go to their respective PCs in the assigned rooms

17h30 -18h30 Practice session ends; please take all the things included in the registration package.

Teams leave reference materials at workstations

Right after practice session ends, the bus will directly take all the teams to Restaurant and come back to Hotel

17h45 - 20h00 Bus departure from FPT to Restaurant, Dinner

20h30. Bus departure from Restaurant back to Hotel

March 25 (Friday)

05h45 -06h30 Breakfast

06h30 All the teams meet at the lobby (will arrange shuttle at this recommended hotel)

Transportation to Contest Area

07h30 - 08h00 Coaches and team go to workstations. Teams MUST wear ICPC T-shirt and the badge.

Nobody will be allowed in the contest room without the T-shirt and the badge. No USB thumb drive, mobile phones and other means of communication are allowed. Watch and own team notebook are allowed

You will be taking a number and then go to your assigned room and sit on the assigned numbered PC. Wait for the announcement to begin the contest.

08h00 Contest begins, Refreshments will be available from 10:30 AM at workstations.

You are free to choose your own food/drink

13h00 Contest ends

14h00 – 18h30 Leisure time or Transportation to Excursion

18h45 All coaches and contestants take their seats (FPT - 5 floor Gammar Tower)

19h00-19h30 Awards Ceremony

19h30-20h30 Dinner and Celebration

21h00 Bus depart from FPT to the Hotel

Contact email address is